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Preparing for winter

Any perennials that are a Zone 5 or above should be covered, this prevents them from freezing when those temperatures dip below our average.

Covering Roses

It is best to use bark mulch, bark compost, or steer manure when covering your roses. It is best to cover the 6" to the side of the roses, and make the coverage at least 4" deep. This keeps the rose warm and prevents those hard freezes from killing the rose plant.

Using leaves - It is not recommended to use leaves when covering your roses. The leaves can house disease and insects that can be detrimental to you roses in the spring to come.

Covering Perennials

Before covering the perennials it is best to clean them up and cut them back. The best time to do this is after the foliage starts to die from the first frost. After you have cut them back cover them just like the roses listed above.